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Why You Want To Schedule Ahead of Time

landscape lighting fixtures along a pathSchedule Your Sprinkler and Landscape Lighting Projects

Are you looking to get some sprinklers or landscape lighting installations done? Well, you’re certainly not alone and that may just be a problem. For a variety of reasons, if you’re looking to get this kind of landscape work done, it’s going to be a bit of a wait. So, if you want to be getting any kind of work done, you’ll need to schedule it ahead of time. Here’s why.

The Demand Has Never Been Higher

From early 2020 to today, there’s been a high demand for any kind of work that involves upgrading homes and businesses. From remodeling buildings, to installing new features, everybody seems to want to get it done now. This means that companies that do this work are backed up with projects. If you don’t get on the schedule ahead of time, you might find that there’s nobody available to work for you when you need it done.

Use The Extra Time to Plan

One of the things the slows down getting started on a project is the need to plan. You can’t just jump headlong into a major renovation to your home, including sprinklers and landscape lighting, without knowing what you want to do. Since there’s going to be a wait time on getting any work done, getting on the schedule ahead of time gives you reason to start planning. While you wait for your turn, figure out exactly what you want so the work can begin as soon as the crew are available. Consult with experts to get just the right design and the work will go much faster.

firepit landscape lighting fixtureMaterials and Labor Shortages Are Delaying Projects

Another problem delaying work is the shortage of materials and labor. Due to the Covid outbreak, various fires around the US and other unforeseeable issues with supply, there are shortages in nearly every industry. Because it’s so much harder to acquire materials and find people to do the work, starting a project often gets delayed. If you’re planning ahead of time, you’ll know better what’s needed and your crew can figure out the shortages ahead of time. That way, they can acquire those materials ahead of time as well.

Don’t Wait, Schedule Ahead

There’s no way of knowing when things will get back on track. As long as the demands are high and the materials are short, schedules will be tight. Don’t wait until the last minute to start looking for someone to help you out. You’ll find there’s nobody available.

Do you have a landscape lighting or sprinkler project you need help on? Like everyone else, we’re backed up with projects, too. It will probably be some time before we’ll be free to take you on, but you can make sure that you get started as soon as possible by scheduling with us ahead of time. If you want to get on our list now, feel free to get in touch!