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Sprinklers And Lighting: Two Peas In A Pod

Spring is here again! Huzzah! That means it’s time to turn your sprinkler systems back on in preparation for watering your lawn. We’ve talked a lot about lighting over the winter – mainly because your sprinklers aren’t running during the winter – but as a transition, let’s consider some reasons why you should do your sprinklers and lighting together this spring!

an infographic illustrating why you should do sprinklers and landscape lighting together

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1. We’re Already Here

If you’re going to need to have your sprinklers set up, of course you’re going to do it in the spring. Whether installing new sprinkler systems, repairing the old ones, or just doing some routine maintenance, it’s all something we can help you with. Getting it done just after winter is the best time. That way, you can find any problems – like busted pipes – before they start gushing water and flooding your lawn.

If you also want to have good landscape lighting, we do that, too. Since we’re already out there, it’s super convenient to have it done all at once. It saves you time, because you don’t have to schedule multiple appointments to determine the best lighting options. That also saves you money because it’s less time we spend on the job getting it set up. Benefits all around!


2. The Two Systems Interact

By doing your sprinklers and lighting at the same time, we’ll know where your sprinklers are. With that knowledge fresh in our memories, we can get right to work installing your landscape lighting in the best way for your home. This is yet another way that saves us time and you money; we don’t have to find out where your sprinkler system runs because we just helped you install, or maintain it

3. Doing Both Can Save You Money

Sometimes you’ve already got both systems installed. There’s always room for improvement, though. Older systems, both irrigation and landscape lighting, are less efficient and therefore more costly. Lighting systems installed before the development of LED lighting consume a lot of power and need more maintenance to keep them going. Older irrigation systems are often inefficient because you either have to manually operate them, or they work on timers, and many just waste water because of their design. There’s nothing more frustrating than to drive by someone’s house in the rain and see their sprinklers going.

New systems are so much more efficient. LED lights require far less energy to run and give you more brightness. Modern irrigation systems can incorporate new technologies to detect the amount of moisture in the soil. They’re also just more efficient with their water use. The combination of using less electricity and less water translates to significant savings on your overall bills. The expense of upgrading your systems quickly makes up for itself with the amount of money you save on water and power bills.

We Do Sprinklers and Lighting!

Portland Sprinklers & Landscape Lighting Logo.Given that irrigation and landscape lighting have so much crossover, it should be no surprise that many companies around the country will do both. It’s very common to see sprinklers and lighting paired together. So, if you’re going to be doing one, why not do both and save yourself some time and money?  If you live in the Portland, Oregon area and want to get in done, we’re here to help!  Get in touch with us today and schedule a time we can take care of that for you. You’ll appreciate the value, we guarantee it!