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Sprinkler Systems

We specialize in high-quality installation of new sprinkler systems in existing yards.  Using the best materials and the best design philosophies, we ensure your sprinkler system will last a lifetime.

You’ll want a sprinkler system that will freely water your yard now and in the future. Shrubbery and plants can grow higher over time.  When we install your sprinkler systems, we account for that.  You know our systems will always be good for your yard.

We leave your yard better than we found it!

30+ Years

Serving Portland, Oregon and all surrounding areas. We install sprinkler systems with the utmost professional dedication to the smallest detail.

The Very Best In Sprinkler Systems

Sprinkler Systems

If your yard is already finished, we’ll install a new sprinkler system.   The investment you make with us will enhance your landscape and help keep it remaining beautiful and vibrant throughout the years.

Landscape Lighting

Make your yard and home even more beautiful at night with LED landscape lighting.  Accent your driveway, illuminate your tress and shrubbery, make your home’s exterior dramatic.  It’s not just about seeing where you’re going, but seeing how good you look.

You Are Our Only Customer

Portland Sprinklers is NOT your typical ‘assembly line’ installation company. No rushing, no cutting corners, nothing but our complete attention.  WE PERFORM ONE JOB AT A TIME, until it is done, to YOUR COMPLETE SATISFACTION.


Sign up for our annual WINTERIZATION program and let us do the work.  We’ll come out to your home each year and make sure your sprinkler system is ready for winter.

Best Materials

Rain Bird products are a consistent leader in the irrigation industry. They’ve developed more irrigation innovations over the years than any other company, and lead the charge in developing the most reliable and water-efficient products on the market. We are proud to be a Rain Bird Select Contractor.

Lifetime Warranty On All Parts

We are so incredibly dedicated to the work, parts, material and equipment we install, that we offer a  LIFETIME WARRANTY ON ALL PARTS for as long as you own your house, when you sign up for our Winterization Program.

Landscape Lighting

Also known as LED lighting, night lighting, walkway lighting, outdoor lighting, and pathway lighting, adding lighting to your yard will beautify your property and your home’s exterior.  We provide quality installation and guarantee our work. The parts we use are top of the line, and the LED bulbs are long lasting.  


“They did a great job. My system now runs perfectly and it is totally automated. They arrived on time and finished on time, under budget, and were very professional. They really know how to do this. My old system was installed by a handyman landscaper and it was the cheap Orbit systems with heads that were too short and always getting broken, plus didn’t work well.

John knows how and where to install all the zones, and he used the water source with the best pressure for front and back. When they left, they even re-seeded all the areas where they put the pipes and exposed the dirt. A top notch job and am now a very satisfied customer. Would highly recommend these guys if you are having any trouble with your current system or wish to install a new one.”

“I’ve never seen anyone so punctual and they came right on time every morning, they would leave at 5. They wouldn’t stop until they will done. I am so impressed with the quality. When I finally used the system I asked if he could come out and adjust the system and answer questions. He didn’t charge anything for that.”

“John is great. He was able to work our small job in right away. He showed up when he said he would and fixed the sprinkler, then inspected the whole (20 year old) system and replaced some worn out heads. He also educated us about maintenance that we had never been told by the original installers.”

“They came, worked hard, and made sure I was happy with how things were going. They are fun to work with, and have great ideas.”

“Excellent-checked the whole system, moved two sprinkler heads and replaced and adjusted tips. Educated me on the system-how to make adjustments for efficiency and irrigation for best plant care. The original installer and subsequent firms hadn’t done that! I’m very happy I called!”

“John and his crew are some of the most knowledgeable and professional service providers that we have dealt with in the past two years of our significant home improvements. He was very straight forward with the cost and scope of work. I am admittedly very green when it comes to lawn irrigation and they are great at explaining the process. There were a couple of points that John made that really resonated with me:
1. He stated that he has been doing this for almost 30 years and he knows what it takes to make a system last. I found this to be very honest as he wasn’t giving the hard sell. It wasn’t arrogance, but simply that he knew how to do the job right. The four other bids that I received after his seemed like either lip service or corner cutting.
2. He told me that he was about saving water. That is important to us from both a financial and environmental perspective.
They were not the cheapest bid, but I don’t think irrigation is something you want to low-ball. The impact on our yard was minimal and the system works incredibly well. I’m not one for cheesy slogans, but I read once that the bitterness of poor customer service and workmanship remains long after the sweetness of lower cost. I am definitely pleased with every aspect of Portland Sprinklers and will recommend them to both friends and family.”

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