Landscape Lighting and the Value of Your Home

exterior landscape lightingHere at Portland Sprinklers, we do more than just sprinklers. Our interest is in making your home a beautiful place.  Lighting plays a huge role in your home’s appearance – especially landscape lighting. Landscape lighting is an integral part of maximizing your home’s appeal. If done properly, it has several benefits that increase the value of your home significantly.

Landscape Lighting Increases Curb Appeal

When a house is dark, it looks dreary and foreboding. It comes across as cold, empty, and devoid of life. We associate it with haunted houses and condemned buildings – places of danger! On the other hand, a well-lit house looks warm and inviting. Good landscape lighting says, “somebody lives here.” It gives people a sense of comfort and presence, letting them know it’s safe to visit.  It’s also used to highlight and draw attention to the best features of your home and garden, putting your best foot forward.

Those feelings make the house more appealing, increasing the value of the home. This is called “curb appeal.” Curb appeal makes a huge difference in the value of the home because it’s so central to making a good first impression. What people see from the road makes them more likely to be interested in it.  People will want to know more about the house. Poor curb appeal makes real estate companies rate your home as less valuable because of the extra work they’d have to do to sell it.

Even if you’re not looking to sell, it still makes your home look much nicer, and why wouldn’t you want that?

Landscape Lighting Makes Your Home Safer

Night Lighting by Portland SprinklersMaking your home look nice isn’t the only way good lighting improves the value of your home. It also makes it safer. People need light to see, as anyone over the age of “just born a few moments ago” understands. When your yard has no proper lighting, no one can see anything. If you have to go outside for any reason, the dark makes this dangerous. You might trip over something. If you did and this caused injury, people might not be able to see you in trouble. Even if you don’t seriously injure yourself, a stubbed toe or sprained ankle is no fun.

Lighting your hard and home with LED lights solves that problem. A few simple lights in the right place around your home give you a clear vision of everywhere you’d want to go. They’re simple to install, inexpensive in upkeep, and add very little to your power bill. For so little, the improvements they make to the natural beauty of your yard is amazing.

Winter Is The Ideal Time To Upgrade

Winter is a great time to upgrade your lighting. It’s past the growing season, so you’re not interfering with that in any way. The shorter days means more dark hours to test the lighting and make sure it’s adequately covering your walkways. It can provide accents to your yard, directing eyes to your Christmas lights and decorations for a more cohesive viewing experience. You can also do the installation while prepping your yard for spring. Two birds with one stone!

Want To Improve The Value of Your Home?

If you’re looking to improve the value of your home this winter, landscape lighting is the perfect way! It increases curb appeal and makes your yard safer. Now’s the best time to get it done if you want the best results. Interested? Then get in touch with us today! We’ll help get you set up with a quality system, and that is a promise!