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Why You Want To Schedule Ahead of Time

Schedule Your Sprinkler and Landscape Lighting Projects Are you looking to get some sprinklers or landscape lighting installations done? Well, you’re certainly not alone and that may just be a problem. For a variety of reasons, if you’re looking to get this kind of landscape work done, it’s going to be a bit of a […]


5 Fall Landscape Lighting Tips

Take Advantage of the Season With Fall Landscape Lighting Fall is here and we’re soon going to see it in all its glory. That means we’re going to see more color as the leaves change color. The heat is giving way to the cooler times, letting us enjoy time outside more. It’s also going to […]

What Is a Photocell?

And How Do Photocells Help Save You Money In Landscape Lighting One of the most important parts of landscape lighting is the question of powering it. You need to power it somehow, but you also have to balance cost and efficiency. The most effective way to make sure you’re not wasting power is manual control, […]


Enjoy Your Summer Nights With Landscape Lighting

Brighten Up Your Backyard Summer’s here. As hot as it gets, you won’t be enjoying your yard too much during the day, but what about the evenings? It cools off, you get a gorgeous sunset and . . . your yard is too dark to see anything. You wouldn’t dare go anywhere beyond your back […]

How Portland Sprinklers Guarantees Quality Landscape Lighting

Quality Equipment, Quality Services, Quality Landscape Lighting Quality landscape lighting has a lot of elements to it. There’s a lot you need to account for if you want to really impress your neighbors. You need good planning, top-quality products, and proper installation. When these three elements meet, you get results that are absolutely stunning. Here’s […]


8 Landscape Lighting Tips to Make Your Home Visually Stunning

Gorgeous Landscape Lighting Lighting is important when it comes to seeing where you’re going. It has great value for security. These are the practical aspects of landscape lighting, but you shouldn’t neglect the visual appeal, either. Landscape lighting can make your home a stunning sight. If you need the lighting for practical reasons, there’s no […]


What Are Lumens and How Much Do I Need?

Lumens: A Better Measurement When you think of bulbs, you probably do so in terms of wattage. That’s how bulbs are labeled, after all. More watts means more light, right? Well, no, actually. You see, wattage is a measurement of energy use, not light output. When all we had were incandescent lights, watts worked fine […]


How To Use Different Landscape Lighting Fixtures

Different Landscape Lighting Fixtures Have Different Uses Landscape lighting is all about knowing how to light your home and yard to get the best results. Whether you just want to see where you’re going, or want to improve your curb appeal, you’ve got to know how to light it up. There are many different types […]


5 Tips For Effective Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting For Beauty Landscape lighting is about more than just seeing your home, it’s about seeing the beauty of your home. It’s easy to place some lights along a walkway so you know where you’re going at night. If that’s all you want, you don’t need much help from us, but why not make […]