winter is comingBrace Yourself

You may have noticed that summer has passed us by. We’re well into fall now and that means it’s time to be thinking about winter. When it comes to taking care of your sprinkler system, there’s some important basic maintenance that needs to be done for winter.


Winter is known for getting cold. Cold freezes water. When water freezes, it expands. If that water is inside something, the expansion can break it. This is the reason why winter maintenance is necessary for your sprinkler system. Your pipes are full of water and even the best quality materials, like what we provide, will get damaged by the expansion of freezing water. Something’s got to give in that situation, and it’s never the laws of physics.

That’s why it’s important to blow out your sprinkler system this time of year. After the water is shut off, we use air pressure to force the water in the pipes out. That way, if it gets cold enough to freeze the pipes, there’s no water to freeze. No freezing means no expansion, no expansion means no bursting pipes.

Here in Oregon, the coast tends to stabilize temperatures somewhat. The risk of freezing isn’t a constant like it is in some places, but that doesn’t mean you can just ignore it. When winter does get cold, the damage it can do to your pipes is pretty serious. While it won’t happen every year, it happens often enough that you don’t want to risk it. The best time to blow out your sprinklers in Portland is late October up through December. We do blow-outs for sprinkler systems all the way up until the week of Christmas. Now’s the time to get it done if you haven’t already.

Our Winterization Program

We pride ourselves on the quality of the systems we install. We use the best materials, and we install them with the utmost professional attention to detail. That said, even the best materials are subject to the laws of physics. That’s why we offer a winterization program. When you sign up for this program, you won’t have to worry. Each winter, we’ll come out to your place and do all the required maintenance to ensure the winter won’t do damage to your irrigation system.

As a bonus, we’re so sure of our products and the quality of our service that when you sign up for our winterization program, we provide you with a free lifetime warranty on all the parts and materials we install. If anything ever goes wrong with your system, we’ll fix it up free of charge. That’s an offer you can’t refuse!

Schedule Your Blow-Out Today!

Whether it’s our system or not, whether you’re on our winterization program or not, a sprinkler blow-out is necessary to keep your system in working order. Without it, burst pipes can cause flooding, which does major damage to your home and yard. You don’t want that. Now’s the perfect time to get your sprinklers blown out to prevent that. Don’t hesitate! Get in touch with us today to schedule your winter blow-out and protect your sprinkler system.

Quality Above All Else

During sprinkler installation process. Front yard #1.

Here at Portland Sprinklers, we focus on quality first. Providing the best service and best products is our primary concern. For over 30 years, this has been our mantra as we serve the Portland area. How do we achieve this?

1. Commercial Grade Products

The first step to giving you high-quality sprinklers is getting high-quality parts. Sure, you can construct a sprinkler system from scotch-tape and plastic, but the minimum requirements for function don’t make for a quality system. We’re select contractors for Rain Bird, a company with a long history of successful irrigation innovation.  With their help, we provide products made from the highest quality materials. Not just materials, but design as well. With us, you get the most reliable and efficient water system on the market that will last for years to come with minimal maintenance.

2. Focus On The Details

With most companies, installing a sprinkler system is a job you do quickly and cheaply. For us, that approach is unacceptable. We take pride in selling products made with only the best design and materials.  Why would we not also take pride in installing them properly? When it comes to setting up your system, we have the utmost professional attention to even the smallest details. We treat you as if you were our only customer, doing one job at a time.

Just installing isn’t enough.  Nothing ever stays the same, especially where the yard is concerned.  Factoring in growth of trees and shrubberies when we install them.  With our careful planning, they’ll work just as well years from now as they work today. With us, you’re not just buying a sprinkler system, you’re making an investment in your home.

3. Lifetime Warranty On All Parts

We keep telling you how much pride we take in our products and methods. Anyone can just tell you they take pride in their work, though. You want proof?  Well, we put our money where our mouth is here.

Not only do we give you the best quality products and installation you’ll find anywhere, we guarantee it for life! We are so dedicated to customer satisfaction that we offer lifetime warranty on all parts, materials and labor. When you sign up for our winterization program, in which we cover the basic maintenance required to ensure your system lasts, we promise to fix any problems you have at no cost to you for as long as you use our system. That’s a guarantee you can’t beat.

Quality Sprinklers in Grass Yard.

We’re An Investment

If you’re looking for a company to give you a quick and cheap installation, that’s not us. We don’t believe in cutting corners to save ourselves time and money. Our systems are an investment for the future. What you get from us will cost you more on the outset, but it’ll save you more in the long run. When you find out just how much repairs cost for cheaply made sprinklers, you’ll realize the only thing cheap about them is the materials they’re made of.

We’re looking for customers who want a system that will last. If you’re living in your dream home, we aim to set you up with a system that will keep that home looking like a dream for as long as you live there. We believe that you shouldn’t have to be repairing your sprinklers every few years if they’re being used properly. What you buy from us will give do just that.

Don’t settle for less than the best. Put your faith in Portland Sprinklers. Get in touch with us today to get started!