5 Fall Landscape Lighting Tips

fall landscape lightingTake Advantage of the Season With Fall Landscape Lighting

Fall is here and we’re soon going to see it in all its glory. That means we’re going to see more color as the leaves change color. The heat is giving way to the cooler times, letting us enjoy time outside more. It’s also going to get darker sooner. What better time to update your landscape lighting? Take advantage of your fall landscape lighting to enhance the curb appeal of your home by exploiting autumn’s natural beauty. Here are some tips and ideas for you to try.

1. Create Ambiance For Fire Pits

People use their fire pits more in the fall. While the fire pit will provide some light while it’s burning, it does need some lighting around it. You don’t want big floodlights with wide beams, though. You want softer lights to add ambiance that won’t take away from the light of the fires you set. Floating feature lighting, like we talked about previously, is perfect for this. It gives a clear view of the area from a distance without destroying the ambiance.

2. Highlight The Changing Trees

The colors of the leaves is the most distinctive and recognized part of the season. Your fall landscape lighting should aim to highlight that. Playing around with different lighting styles can really amplify the natural autumn beauty of your trees. Try different kinds of uplighting and downlighting at different temperature levels of light to get different effects.  You can create some really striking and eye-catching visuals with the right mix.

3. Bring Warmth to the Cold

While fall still has its warm moments, the evenings get chilly. Bringing a sense of warmth to the cold nights can give your home strong curb appeal. Use warm lighting for your entertaining areas. The glow will make these areas seem like an island of warmth in an otherwise cold night, inviting the eyes as well as your guests.  That extra warmth and light can help you fight the winter blues, as well!

4. Take Advantage of the Dark

While darkness can seem scary and foreboding, you can use that feeling to create strong contrast with your warm lighting. A softly lit patio can become an island of warmth and friendliness, enhanced by the darkness around it. It also makes for great romantic ambiance to enjoy with your loved one as you curl up in a nice blanket to watch the stars.  It’s as cozy to look at as it is to experience.

landscape lighting fixtures along a path5. Get Your Safety Lighting

Too much darkness can be a bad thing.  If you haven’t set up good lighting for your paths, now is the time.  As the deeper darkness of the fall and winter take over, that’ll be more time where you’re left unable to see where you’re going. These lights will also help you see patches of ice that might build up, protecting you from injury caused by slipping on it. Get your path lights installed now so you won’t be bothered by the darkness when you come home late at night.

Don’t Forget The Maintenance

While the changing leaves can be quite beautiful in the autumn, it’s a signal that the leaves are about to fall. Autumn winds may also knock branches off your trees. When these things happen, they can obscure your lighting. Worse, they could potentially become a safety hazard. If the leaves dry up, the heat generated by the lighting fixtures may be enough start a fire. Don’t forget to remove any that fall on or near your lights.

Now Is The Best Time For Fall Landscape Lighting

Fall is the best time to make any adjustments to your lighting that you’ve been planning on. You can now see what the longer nights will look like and adjust your lighting to match. Don’t wait too long, though. Once fall moves into winter, the cold hardens the ground, making it more difficult to install fixtures and bury cables.

Here at Portland Sprinklers and Landscape Lighting, we are experts at lighting design. If you want to set up your fall landscape lighting to take advantage of the spectacular autumn season, get in touch with us today. We’ll set you up with something stunning!