Different Landscape Lighting Fixtures Have Different Uses

Landscape lighting is all about knowing how to light your home and yard to get the best results. Whether you just want to see where you’re going, or want to improve your curb appeal, you’ve got to know how to light it up. There are many different types of landscape lighting fixtures and each one has a different use. Let’s take a look at the basic ones.

infographic on the different types of landscape lighting fixtures

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1. Path Lighting

Path lighting is the most basic type of landscape lighting fixtures we use. Path lights are set along walkways to provide light to see by. These fixtures cast light downward on the path so you can see where it is, as well as highlighting it at a distance.

2. Spotlights & Floodlights

Spotlights are a type of landscape lighting fixture designed to give a beam of light. They’re generally used to highlight specific features, such as statues, shrubs, or other landscaping displays. They can also be used for shadow lighting. By placing an object in front of a spotlight, you can use it’s shadow to create a silhouette on a flat surface for artistic effects.

A similar type of fixture is the floodlight.  A floodlight typically spreads at a 120 degree angle, though there are wider or narrower varieties. They’re used if you need to light up a large area. If you want to hold a night-time party, or want people to see a large architectural feature (such as a fountain), floodlights are what you want.

3. Inground Lights

Also called a well light, inground lights are circular light fixtures that fit directly into the ground. They can be used in place of path lights to highlight walkways, but have many other uses as well. The uplighting effect combined with the light itself being hidden creates a dramatic atmosphere, or highlight tall features, such as trees. Combined with well-blended spotlights, you can get some highly striking visuals.

4. Deck and Step Lights

Where inground lights are built into the ground, deck and step lights are built into walls and steps. They’re mainly used to highlight the area, but also provide light for steps so you can safely climb down them without slipping or tripping.

5. Pond Lights

Similar to spotlights, but they are made to be placed under water. They can help highlight any water features you have without worrying about shorts or electric shocks.

Landscape Lights For Every Purpose

The different types of landscape lights all have their own uses. Getting the most out of your landscape lighting is knowing which light to use for which purposes. No single type of light works for every situation. Path lighting and lanterns are the most essential types for basic safety, but they aren’t going to work for everything. To create the most visually appealing displays, you have to mix them up to suit the needs of your landscape features.

We Use Only The Best

When it comes to setting up your landscape lighting fixtures, we use only the best. We prefer Vista Pro lighting, which provides high quality products made to last. We make use of LED lights because they put out a lot of light, but use very little energy, making them highly efficient. With a wide variety of styles and colors, we can tailor them to suit any home. Each lighting fixture is built to the specs of the project we’re working on, so you get something unique and perfect for your home!

landscape lightingLet Us Help You With Your Landscape Lighting

Here at Portland Sprinklers, we’re experts at landscape lighting. If you’re looking to light up your home in a way that doesn’t just give you the ability to see, but makes your home really eye catching at night, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll give your house the curb appeal it needs to really wow your neighbors!