Enjoy Your Summer Nights With Landscape Lighting

Brighten Up Your Backyard

quality landscape lightingSummer’s here. As hot as it gets, you won’t be enjoying your yard too much during the day, but what about the evenings? It cools off, you get a gorgeous sunset and . . . your yard is too dark to see anything. You wouldn’t dare go anywhere beyond your back door, or maybe back porch. Why not fix that? We can help you light up your backyard so you can enjoy all of it during the summer nights!

What Are Your Backyard Landscape Lighting Needs?

When it comes to the best landscape lighting, you need to consider your needs. Your backyard might be the largest space in your yard, so lighting the whole thing up is unfeasible, but you do still need to see. Fortunately, you don’t need to brighten up everything to be able to see. With just the right selection of lights, you can create great ambiance that enhances your backyard. Let’s look at what you need.

1. Porch Lighting

The porch will be where you go to and from your backyard, so it needs to be clearly visible at a distance, as well as lit up to see while there. If your back porch is a patio, you can use a combination of lanterns, inground lights, and wall lighting to create a nice place to sit and talk. Stair lighting will make it possible for everyone to see exactly where the stairs are for those going up and down. Wall lighting highlights the area so no matter where in the yard you are, you and your guests can always find it. Enjoy an evening meal and watch the sunset while your kids play out in the yard and never have to worry they’ll have trouble getting back inside.

landscape lighting fixtures along a path2. Path Lighting

Path lighting will highlight and illuminate the paths around your yard. This is one of the foundational elements of landscape lighting. It provides clear direction for people to follow. Those who go off the path, will still be able to tell at a distance where everything is by them. They also create a visually striking sight. There’s nothing quite like walking down a well-lit path on a late summer evening, after it’s got cool and quiet.

3. Highlight Features

While you can get by with just decent porch and path lighting, the great advantage of landscape lighting is your ability to make your yard visually stunning to look at. For this, you use the lighting to draw attention to the best features of your yard. These will look great from a distance, adding to the curb appeal. They also light up the area so you can see where you’re going. You can use these features to act as places for people to gather as well as something to draw the eye, letting you enjoy every part of your backyard during the summer nights.

4. Safety And Security

Naturally, you want to consider the safety of yourself, family, and guests when you do your landscape lighting. Make sure any areas that people might trip – like stairs – are well lit so that everyone can see their footing. Add lighting around places your kids play so you can see them at a distance even if they stay out past sunset. Use motion sensors to activate lights as people enter new areas that will turn off on their own afterward. That way, you can make sure everyone sees where they’re going without needing to worry about ruining the ambiance and visual appeal with too much light. Motion sensor lights also work great as a deterrent. Sudden changes in lighting draw attention, which is exactly what burglars want to avoid.

We’ll Light Up Your Backyard!

There’s a lot of proper knowledge and planning that goes into making the best landscape lighting display. If you want your landscape lighting to look good as well as be functional, there’s a lot to figure out. Fortunately, you don’t have to figure it out all on your own! Here at Portland Sprinklers, our people have years of experience. We’ll know the best ways to manage landscape lighting to create visual appeal, while also getting the most light for the least use of energy (and money). We’ll take all the hard work of planning and installation out of the equation for you and give you a backyard you’ll be able to enjoy all summer! Just get in touch with us today and see what we can do for you!